The Saints Tactical BCG Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our bolts and carrier groups are designed and built with no compromises to quality.  Because of this, we are able to offer a limited lifetime warranty for them, whether purchased individually or in one of our builds.

Just like any other mechanical part, our BCGs will eventually need to have parts replaced after extended use and wear.  Maybe your gas rings need replacing, or your firing pin has broken.  Whatever it may be, we offer a lifetime guarantee to replace any and all broken or worn beyond function parts within our Saints Tactical marked BCGs.

The fine print:

Fully automatic or simulated automatic firing (think bump stock) will void this warranty

The use of non-commercial reloaded ammunition will void this warranty

The use of steel cased ammunition with void this warranty

The intentional misuse or destruction of BCGs will void this warranty

The Customer may be responsible for paying the cost of return shipping should a BCG need to be returned to Saints Tactical for repair work


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