How quickly will my order ship?

We strive to ship all orders within 48 hours of being placed.  After shipping, it may take up to an additional 24 hours before you receive tracking information through an automated email. Products ordered through the Weapons Lab may take additional time before shipping.


Do you offer a LEO/Mil discount?

We currently do not offer a LEO/Mil discount.  While we are very appreciative of your service, our pricing structure does not offer room for discounts on many of our products.


What happens if my order is lost or damaged in transit?

In the rare case that a product is damaged in transit, we will replace it free of charge.  Should any order be lost in transit before delivery, we will replace it free of charge.  After tracking shows an order as being delivered, the customer takes full responsibility and we hold no liability for orders that show as being delivered but are “lost”.


Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, certain items we can ship internationally.  Please contact us to request a quote for international shipping.  Items that are controlled by ITAR cannot be shipped internationally.


What are your payment terms?

We will not ship any orders until payment is made in full.  We accept all major credit cards through our website.  We also accept checks and money orders in the mail (this will cause a delay in the shipping of your order to allow time for payment to clear).  Cash payments are accepted for local pickup.


Why do you not have a phone number I can call?

We are readily accessible through email as well as through our social media channels.  We are a lean shop and all of our man hours are spent building and shipping product, not sitting in front of phones.